Simple Pickled Veggies

Whether you call them escabeche, escabeche en vinegar, or giardiniera, these simple pickled veggies are delicious with every meal. Whether they’re served with some tacos or a bison burger, this recipe is a simple way to preserve veggies as a pungent, nutritious side dish!



  1. Add herbs evenly to two, 0ne-quart jars

  2. Add oil to a large cooking pot and place over low heat

  3. Add the vegetables and salt and “sweat” the mixture for about 10 min until softened. Keep the heat low to avoid browning vegetables

  4. Add water, vinegar, sugar and bring to a low boil

  5. Remove cooking put from heat and divide the veggies and brine between the two jars. 


Let sit for a few weeks in the fridge before use for the best flavor texture, and longevity.

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