Jason Garcia

IFL Market General Manager


what is your professional background?
Cuál es su experiencia profesional?

I’ve been working in retail leadership and management for almost 20 years and also have a background in working with equity-driven nonprofits.

What does your typical workday at NATIFS involve?
Qué implica tu jornada laboral típica en NATIFS?

I’m lucky to get to balance time interacting with customers and vendors with collaborating with other NATIFS leadership to help develop plans for future operating endeavors. When I can, I like to make time to experiment with cacao beverages and research histories of different for items we offer in the market.

When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?
Cuando eras niño, ¿qué querías ser de mayor?

A lot of things, but I think the main things were a writer and a teacher.
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