Ana Garcia Castellanos

Education Coordinator

what is your professional background?
Cuál es su experiencia profesional?

I've worked in restaurants for the past 4 years. I completed a Culinary Arts program, and have worked in food/wellness/education/hospitality related topics since. Restaurants have been my main expertise, working front and back of the house.

What does your typical workday at NATIFS involve?
Qué implica tu jornada laboral típica en NATIFS?

I come in. I grab my favorite drink. I make the prep list for the day. I get ready the Grab-n-Go section before we open so customers can see it full and ready. I check in with my boss. I do some orders if needed. I have a little huddle with my team. I have some lunch with some of my peers. I respond emails, and I leave. A lot of not so fun stuff, but really necessary I guess!

When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?
Cuando eras niño, ¿qué querías ser de mayor?

I wanted to be veterinarian! Funny enough I don't work with animals, but technically I cook them now, so, somehow part of that dream kinda is accomplished now.
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