Janeth Vergara Medina

Nixtamal Team

Janeth (she/her/ella) is originally from Mexico. She moved to Minnesota in 2022. Prior to coming here, Janeth worked for a big tortilla production company in Mexico and in farming, working with produce such as cucumbers and tomatoes. She worked in farming for three to four years and in tortillas for five years, but she had to stop temporarily because she became a mother! It has been challenging to leave her kids in Mexico to travel here, but she is working here because of her kids. They are very important to her. 

As a testament to her experience and knowledge of tortillas, Janeth found her way to the Indigenous Food Lab by chance. Someone that Janeth knew was being interviewed at IFL, but they ended up not working here. However, during their interview process, the IFL culinary manager, Ismael, heard about Janeth and her experience. Janeth was brought on to the Nixtamal team because of her expertise! She likes the teamwork and unity found working at NATIFS and IFL.