Emily Halberg

Events Coordinator

Emily Halberg (she/her) was born and raised in Bemidji, Minnesota where she spent much of her time outdoors, riding horses, swimming and generally getting up to no good. Growing up she had a natural curiosity that drove her to try new things, read constantly and build an active imagination. In her later years of school, she was involved in various sports, Honors Society, video club, community volunteer work, internships, and helped look after her four younger siblings. 

After getting her Associates Degree at Bemidji State University, she moved to the west coast and worked at a Biodynamic winery in Oregon. She spent as much time as possible learning about the seasonality, viticulture and processes that went on around the estate. Once an Oregon resident, she decided to resume her undergraduate education at the University of Oregon. She earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Global Studies with an emphasis in Nonprofit Management and a chosen language of Spanish. Although COVID-19 prevented her from studying abroad and immersing herself in another culture, she hopes to still do so one day. For now, she is overjoyed to be part of the NATIFS team and help promote Indigenous values, education and food sovereignty.