Em Matson

Communications Manager

Em Matson (they/she/he) grew up just north of Minneapolis in Champlin, MN. They are a lineal descendant of the Sault Ste Marie Chippewa Tribe in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Em has a BA in English and a BA in Advertising from Iowa State University. Prior to working for NATIFS, they worked with the Webber-Camden Neighborhood Organization in North Minneapolis while also working as a writing and editing contractor, most notably on the TTRPG Coyote & Crow. Em is a member of the Minnesota Two Spirit Society, and identifies as Two Spirit.

Em is passionate about Indigenous food sovereignty and prioritizing Indigenous lifeways, and loves that working at NĀTIFS provides the opportunity to share the exciting and important work happening in those spaces with wider audiences. 

In their free time, Em enjoys walking their dog Jane, playing video games, beading, reading, and sharing food with friends. They also love spending time up north at their family cabin, enjoying all that the seasons have to offer.