Chef Sean Sherman

(Oglala Lakota)
Co-Founder of NATIFS
Founder/CEO of The Sioux Chef

Chef Sean Sherman, Oglala Lakota, born in Pine Ridge, SD, has been cooking across the US and Mexico over the past 30 years, and has become renowned nationally and internationally in the culinary movement of Indigenous foods. His main focus has been on the revitalization and evolution of Indigenous food systems throughout North America. Chef Sean has studied on his own extensively to determine the foundations of these food systems to gain a full understanding of utilizing Native American ingredients in today’s cuisine. In 2014, he launched The Sioux Chef as a caterer and food educator in the Minneapolis/Saint Paul area. He and his business partner Dana Thompson designed and operated the Tatanka Truck food truck, which featured 100% pre-contact foods of the Dakota and Minnesota territories.

In October 2017, Sean created the first decolonized dinner at the James Beard House in Manhattan along with his team. His book, The Sioux Chef’s Indigenous Kitchen, was awarded the James Beard medal for Best American Cookbook for 2018 and was chosen one of the top ten cookbooks of 2017 by the LA Times, San Francisco Chronicle as well as the Smithsonian Magazine. Also that year, Chef Sean was selected as a Bush Fellow, and received the 2019 James Beard Foundation Leadership Award. Sean and his team continue pursuing their mission to help educate and make Indigenous foods more accessible to as many communities as possible through the recently founded nonprofit North American Traditional Indigenous Food Systems (NATIFS).