Aura Manski

Nixtamal Team

Aura (she/her) comes from a family of musicians and circus performers out of Louisiana where she was a side show performer. She is also part of an overlapping international family of bicycle club chapter members.

Aura is an art school dropout turned sideshow performer turned cook. She started at the bottom in the restaurant industry as a dishwasher and moved through the ranks to become a chef. In her over 20 years of professional kitchen experience, she opened her own kitchens and
worked in catering before eventually coming to the Indigenous Food Lab

Aura joined IFL because she wanted to put her skills to use by putting good back out into the world. She’s here for the good work that’s being done and wants to pay it forward. Aura is honored to be considered an ally in this space and in general, feeling especially close to causes supporting the human rights of Indigenous people and the LGBTQ community.