Andy Adams

Education Program Manager

Andy (she/her/hers) grew up in Eyota, Minnesota. She previously taught at Nawayee Center school and worked on contracts with Bdote Learning Center. She received her undergraduate at the Urban Teacher Program at Metro State University. There, she began to learn about the discrepancies between education in white and non-white communities, and changed her perspective as a person on how white supremacy interacts with education.

Andy also received her Masters from St. Mary’s University with three focuses: Educational Leadership, Kinship Anthropology, and Marriage and Family Therapy. Much of her research focused on where anthropologists pinpoint where the relational structure of monogamy started. 

Andy is excited to serve as the Education Program Manager for NĀTIFS. Being a support person for helping the Indigenous community build out non-colonial educational programs is a huge personal value of hers. She loves curriculum writing, and is passionate about developing  robust and imaginative programming. Andy especially looks forward to being able to work in education outside of the rigid boundaries and structure required by the Minnesota Department of Education

Outside of work Andy is a non-monogamy educator and a member of the queer community. She is also a mom. She loves to walk in Wakan Tipi (Bruce Vento Nature Center) every day and rollerblade around St. Paul. Community and bringing people together is a big passion of hers, so she spends a lot of her energy hosting community gatherings and creating support groups, educational opportunities, and social opportunities for local non monogamous and queer identifying people.