Ana Garcia Castellanos

Kitchen Assistant Manager

Ana (she/her) is a proud Guatemalan immigrant in this country, and loves living in another country!

She started her culinary career in 2019 when she enrolled in Culinary School in North Mankato, Minnesota. Since then, her mission has been to provide her skills and knowledge to businesses and organizations that care about the entire food system, and have quality, and integrity. She’s worked front and back of the house for the last 4 years. She has also worked with the Podcast Production Team of Slow Food Youth Network, as the Urban Gastronomy Podcast Series Coordinator. That is how she got really close to this organization and its mission.

She enjoys her time outside of work, cooking, doing yoga, having bonfires, being in nature, and doing self-portrait photography. 

Being here, and having this opportunity is a dream come true for her. She believes nutritious foods should be accessible for everyone, and that those foods should tell a story, especially a story that has been stolen. 

Through her work here, her Health Coaching, and Yoga Classes Ana aspires to help to create those spaces for more people to have accessibility to the wellness world.