On August 11th, we partnered with Accenture to offer a live cooking demo doubling as a Accenture employee fundraiser to benefit our work here at NATIFS. We went live at noon and started with IFL kitchen manager Vern and a visiting chef, Daryl, who walked through how to make an Indigenous breakfast. They kept things fairly simple but delicious – on the menu was fried duck eggs, bison sausage patty, purple potato hash browns, and a wild rice porridge with wojapi.

After the cooking demo, chef Sean jumped in and talked a little about NĀTIFS, our mission, and the Indigenous Food Lab. He discussed some of the ingredients used in the meal and where to find them. Afterwards, he answered some questions from the audience Q/A thread.

As we are still very busy with the changing of seasons, our food production efforts, and planning for the months ahead, we look forward to doing more events like this in the future. We ultimately want the IFL and NĀTIFS to be able to provide that learning opportunity and help promote and preserve Indigenous foodways.

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