With the opening of our sister restaurant Owamni nearing, some of their staff has been working with us in the Indigenous Food Lab (IFL) to research, taste, and develop their menu. The kitchen at Owamni is still in need of some last finishing touches as equipment and resources are coming in slower than expected due to the nationwide shortages. 

Friday July 1st is a big Owamni staff tasting, so we have been prepping meals for that along with perfecting recipes and preparation methods. We got a new tortilla machine in the IFL (which was a very exciting day) and that has really been helping to speed up the process of making our blue corn tortillas. 

Once the restaurant opens, the IFL kitchen will be making large quantities of certain foods to then be sold and transferred to Owamni. This will keep the IFL busy, reduce stress on the Owamni kitchen, and keep a stream of income to invest back into our NĀTIFS mission of promoting and preserving Indigenous foodways. 

We can’t give too much away as to what will be on the Owamni menu, but you can take a look behind the scenes in the photos below!

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